Could You Be An Assistant Beaver Leader?

As many of you will know, we have a very active beaver colony and a clutch of great parent and young leader help for which we are extremely grateful. However, we could really do with some uniformed help in the form of an assistant Beaver Leader. 

The time requirements for assistants aren't a great deal more than parental help and there's the opportunity to get more involved in the movement should you wish to do so. Uniformed help allows us to continue to run the colony when leader Sue has other commitments and other section and group leaders cannot attend.

As you know we are all volunteers and "mucking in" is what helps us to deliver a fun and engaging program for our group. The application process is simple, there's no cost to you in training, uniform or group expenses and you'll be supported with a framework program, Sue's help and further assistance from the group and other section leaders. 

If you are in a position to offer some term time uniformed help for even the second half of the Wednesday sessions, this would be a huge help to the colony. If you would be interested in talking to us about it, please email us via