Another good night for the Scouts

Well done again to our section for completing more badges. All but one of our Scouts are now through their sports enthusiasts badges. A big thanks to Ethan and Joe for performing to the group last night to complete their Musicians stage 1 badge and well done James on achieving the global challenge award and the international badge.

On top of a packed session finishing badges off, we had some time for some new games. Cannons went down very well and will, I'm sure become a regular fixture for our group. We're getting closer and closer to the light nights so we're starting to consider some outdoor activities for the summer months.

To all of our parents and carers, please encourage your children to look at this link with you over the course of the week,64

Please take a look at both the activity and staged activity badges. Isaac has asked about doing his Astronomers badge, if more of our group would also like to do this or any other badge involving some quieter research, I'll happily facilitate some meeting time for it.

If Scouts could come next week with an idea of what they'd like to do next, or questions that need answering about specific activities, I'd really appreciate it.