Scouts Activity Badges

A big well done to our Scouts for all the hard work in the last couple of weeks with the Sports Enthusiast activity badge. Its good to see most of you through it, here's hoping by next week, the last few are done and dusted.

Two of  our scouts are beginning their Musicians staged badges next week, so we can expect a brief performance at our meeting next Wednesday. As I said in the meeting last night, although we'll be working on challenge badges as a group, I'd also like you to identify which activity badge you'd like to do next under your own steam.

Keep in mind that its still dark in a Wednesday evening, so outdoor activity will be limited until after the Easter break.

Also if anyone wants to volunteer an article for the web site about the camp at Dudmaston, or anything  more general on scouting with us, please let me know.

The link to the activity badge list is here,64,779