Scouts NERF wars

Our scouts enjoyed a self initiated night of Nerf battles last week. We included a fun night as part of this term's program.

Scouts are also working on their entrepreneurs challenge and have set up a tuck shop at HQ. Other money making initiatives are underway with a view to the Scouts making enough profit on their activities to pay for a day out before or shortly after Christmas.

Beavers Creativity Activity Badge

Our beavers are currently working towards their creativity badge on a theme of superheroes.

Each of the children was asked to choose a superpower and imagine themselves as a superhero. They each drew themselves with their new found super power, then create clay models and painted plates with their superhero logos. 

We are working towards a performance that will see all the children gain their badge in time for term closing. 

A big thank you to Fran, who has joined the group to help with the children and is organising the performance, drawing on her own skills and experience as a drama teacher.


Could You Be An Assistant Beaver Leader?

As many of you will know, we have a very active beaver colony and a clutch of great parent and young leader help for which we are extremely grateful. However, we could really do with some uniformed help in the form of an assistant Beaver Leader. 

The time requirements for assistants aren't a great deal more than parental help and there's the opportunity to get more involved in the movement should you wish to do so. Uniformed help allows us to continue to run the colony when leader Sue has other commitments and other section and group leaders cannot attend.

As you know we are all volunteers and "mucking in" is what helps us to deliver a fun and engaging program for our group. The application process is simple, there's no cost to you in training, uniform or group expenses and you'll be supported with a framework program, Sue's help and further assistance from the group and other section leaders. 

If you are in a position to offer some term time uniformed help for even the second half of the Wednesday sessions, this would be a huge help to the colony. If you would be interested in talking to us about it, please email us via

Scouts Fire Station Visit

Just a reminder that our Scouts are at Stourbridge Fire Station this Wednesday 12th May. Please arrive in uniform at 19:00. It's a shorter session this week of just over an hour so could parents and carers kindly collect children by 8:15 prompt.

Thanks a lot and see you Wednesday


Beavers St Georges Activity

On the run up to the St Georges Day celebrations, our beaver colony created a giant cardboard collage of a dragon on Wednesday night.

Challenging them to both work as a group, as smaller teams and to use their own creativity independently, they created a dragon that was almost the length of the Gillmill hall. To their eternal credit, they also did a handy job of tidying up after themselves once we'd finished the session.

St George Day Fun Day

On behalf of Tim and the section leaders and assistant leaders, we'd like to thank all of our young people and their parents and carers for helping to make the fun day such a success. It was great to see such brilliant representation from our group and the other groups across the district.

Our young people got to enjoy gras carting, zip wires, climbing walls, music, bushcraft and clay shooting amongst other things. Our emergency services were also well represented to demonstrate their equipment and what they do. 

Thank you to all who volunteered their time on the bases, marshaling the march and in the organisation of the event. We'd also like to heap special praise on the weather, for not turning up after threatening to do so!

Another good night for the Scouts

Well done again to our section for completing more badges. All but one of our Scouts are now through their sports enthusiasts badges. A big thanks to Ethan and Joe for performing to the group last night to complete their Musicians stage 1 badge and well done James on achieving the global challenge award and the international badge.

On top of a packed session finishing badges off, we had some time for some new games. Cannons went down very well and will, I'm sure become a regular fixture for our group. We're getting closer and closer to the light nights so we're starting to consider some outdoor activities for the summer months.

To all of our parents and carers, please encourage your children to look at this link with you over the course of the week,64

Please take a look at both the activity and staged activity badges. Isaac has asked about doing his Astronomers badge, if more of our group would also like to do this or any other badge involving some quieter research, I'll happily facilitate some meeting time for it.

If Scouts could come next week with an idea of what they'd like to do next, or questions that need answering about specific activities, I'd really appreciate it.



Scouts Activity Badges

A big well done to our Scouts for all the hard work in the last couple of weeks with the Sports Enthusiast activity badge. Its good to see most of you through it, here's hoping by next week, the last few are done and dusted.

Two of  our scouts are beginning their Musicians staged badges next week, so we can expect a brief performance at our meeting next Wednesday. As I said in the meeting last night, although we'll be working on challenge badges as a group, I'd also like you to identify which activity badge you'd like to do next under your own steam.

Keep in mind that its still dark in a Wednesday evening, so outdoor activity will be limited until after the Easter break.

Also if anyone wants to volunteer an article for the web site about the camp at Dudmaston, or anything  more general on scouting with us, please let me know.

The link to the activity badge list is here,64,779